Photo by Gary Edmiston

Photo by Gary Edmiston

Thomas Clark

I am a bit of a Mad Hatter in that I put on many hats. Some would say having too many hats would compromise the uniqueness of the other hat, but I say it affords me the opportunity to get into more tea parties that have different dress codes.

One hat is a beret that allows me to travel about the kingdom "live painting" at fundraisers, concerts, corporate events, conferences and church services. In concert with these events I also lead workshops and collaborative art studios where everyone is allowed to be creative and get a bit messy.

Another is a hard hat that involves constructing and curating environments in corporations, churches and for stage shows turning large rooms and stages into veritable wonderlands.

When I am cooking up pieces in my fine art studio for commissions I don my toque (chef's hat) and mix just the right ingredients so it's a feast for the eyes to my clients.

Back in the cozy confines of my design studio I get to wear the thinking cap of a designer and illustrator as I come up with creative solutions that help companies' dreams come to life through identity, promotional branding and packaging.

All this to say, if the hat fits–I wear it.


Disneyland • Sony • Warner Bros. Music • Miller Brewing Co. • Western Digital Corp. • Coors Brewing Co. • MTV • Toshiba • Random Hill Publishing • Cirque du Soleil • Sperry Van Ness • Word Music • Salvation Army • Zondervan Publications • Billy Graham Evangel. Assoc. • Maranatha!Music • Worship Leader Magazine • Saddleback Church • Purpose Driven Ministries • Promise Keepers • Leadership Network • Forest Home Ministries